Who am I? Whats this all about?

Van life is all the rage at the moment and who can blame people? Rising cost of rent and the expense of trying to survive has pushed many into life on four wheels. A recent survey claims that more than 30,000 people live in vehicles in the UK. Vans, buses, lorries and cars are all fair game to many but a huge portion of these "vehicle dwellers" are doing so as a last resort rather than being homeless. And the real tragedy is in the state of their wheels. Ive seen many a van uninsulated and devoid of any reasonable amenities. people struggle to survive, not live, Survive! Thats not me being over dramatic its real. Im lucky, I chose to live this way. My van is insulated and heated, I have a relative amount of comfort and I LIKE this way of life. The blog which you're reading is the beginning for me of this journey that I hope you will follow both here and in video form on YouTube.

Lenny and I have a lot to do, sometimes good, sometimes bad but always I hope entertaining

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