Latest News:  Live science broadcast ends Monday 5th November

We are now offering small group and 121 online science classes. This is to meet the new protocols  that has arisen from the global crisis. These are live sessions that allows you to talk, ask questions and participate in the class, on subjects of your choice.

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My next Live Science podcast will be MONDAY 26th October at 4.30pm

We will attempt to use a lemon to create either a light come on or to make fire! Best you have an adult around.

You will need:  Obviously a lemon. Some copper wire. This you can get by asking an adult to get some from any old wire knocking around. You will need quite a bit. Its single strand wire so when you look at the end it will have just one copper strand inside. You need to strip off the plastic coating. You will also need 6 galvanised nails. Its important that they are galvanised as its the zinc coating that we need. you will also need a bulb, It needs to be a low voltage bulb like you get in old fashion bike lamp. Not a eco bulb. An LED bulb is perfect. OR... some wire wool if you want fire! The cheap stuff in the pound store is perfect. A pair of pliers is also useful.

Sounds a lot but it really will be worth it. Don't forget to watch and join in the fun.


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Another great video from Chloe's dad. See the original in the students experiments page.

Next Mondays Podcast

Monday 19th October podcast 

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We were delighted with the service from start to finish. Ammie had the time of her life and her friends are still talking about it now. Thank you for making the day run so smoothly.

LC. Muswell Hill  May 18

Thank you for stepping in at such short notice. Being let down by another science provider so late in the day caused so many issues but we really needn't have worried so much. Professional, engaging and above all fun with the kids. I would recommend in a heart beat

DT  Henley-on-Thames  March 18

Superb service and what a great party. The energy level was non-stop. Toby Loved it and wants you guys back next year. Cannot recommend you enough

LRS Chelmsford Jan 20

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