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About us

Welcome to Professor Kaos Science Mania. We are a professional science communication company with 15 years experience of Wowing and entertaining children of all ages.  From Holiday camps to theatre, after school clubs to parties if there's science involved you'll find us at it! Customer satisfaction is paramount and as much as possible we will tailor make our classes to suit not only the audience but also the customers own requirements.
Based in Hampshire we also work in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Dorset, Berkshire and all London counties

During his career Prof Kaos has been involved with Professional football (Player and coach) appeared on Television and in films, written books as well as acted as publisher and editor of magazines.  Been theatre duty manager and had his play "Orson Welles the night we scared America" performed professionally and is still studying with the
OU in the field of ancient history.
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